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This video is absolutely fantastic. It deals with the issue of how unloving our world can be, and what we can do to change that.

I have been following Jimmy for a few months on his Feast of Fiction Channel (which is totally awesome), but I just recently found his personal vlogging channel.

Lately he has started a new web show about dreams, and I have loved every moment. He promotes keeping a dream diary, sharing your dreams, and trying to understand them. He personally shares his dreams with his viewers, along with inspirational messages.

This is one of his best. Enjoy, and take something from his words. We need much more love in our world.

To view his other dream vlogs click here, and I would heavily recommend subscribing.

Reblog this to help spread the message of love, it can and will change lives.

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Okay, So I have gotten a lot of grief over this post


And I just want to say that I AM SORRY.

People message me all the freaking time about this stupid opinion and NOW this happened.


In the end, there’s a lot to be happy and there’s a lot to be grateful for. For one, you have the internet, and that’s pretty rad.
Jimmy Wong (via almostrightwords)

I’m starting a very personal project where I’m going to share my dreams all year long with you all! Come join me, log your own dreams, and share in the experience with me! Much love :)

My heart is crushed at the news of a shooting at a kindergarten in Connecticut. News like this, much like the shooting in Norway just a year ago, is devastating and so, so sad and incomprehensible. How could anyone do such a terrible thing, especially to those so innocent and vulnerable?

I’ve been following the reaction to it on Twitter and the last thing I want to do is begin a discussion about it, but I feel a point needs to be made: this is NOT primarily an issue of gun control, and in the minutes and hours following the violence when one killer is still at large this is NOT the time to get political about it. The tragedy is barely fresh and we jump on the pulpit? I can’t agree. Our hearts and minds should be with the victims, and just as integral to this situation- the aggressors.

These are not normal human beings. These are mentally NOT right members of our society and they are criminals of the lowest denominator. Gun control or not, believe me these people would have found their way to as powerful of a weapon they wanted- and possibly even very easily. Making something illegal doesn’t make it impossible to acquire. Harder? Yes. Impossible? No.

Can a drug addict procure illegal drugs if they know where to look? Yes. During the prohibition, did illegal alcohol stop anyone from drinking? No. Will higher tax laws prevent corporate fat cats from finding ways to illegally move their money offshore? Hells no. WHERE THERE IS A WILL- THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY.

We don’t live in a simple time anymore. The internet and the way our world works gives us access to some terrifying things. You can trust me that gun control will not stop criminals from getting weapons.

These people are mentally hurt and ill. We need to focus on how we can keep a strong vigil over those in our society who become lost by the wayside and not let our citizens disappear into the shadows and become the very things that terrorize us from the inside. We owe it to those lonely souls to protect them from hurting us and we have the resources to do so.

A bone has been broken in the USA. We can not apply a bandage to it. We need to mend it before we can move on. Please pass this message on. My prayers are with those families, my heart and mind with the victims. God bless.



Jimmy Wong in my class’s lecture. GOOD LORD.



Jimmy Wong in my class’s lecture. GOOD LORD.



Anyone that makes or uploads animated VGHS Gifs are awesome people in my book.

Nah gurl, you ain’t.





VGHS 1.05 8/10


VGHS 1.05